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  • ideefixe ·
    Hi, just saw your message, sorry.
    I had to order the tires/wheels ahead of time and DT was cool - they helped me sourced the wheels and had the KO2's shipped from their warehouse. When I brought the van in to install, the guys at DT were very helpful, mostly because they haven't see a Quigley 4x4 van before... anyway they cranked the steering wheels and noticed a bit of rub of the plastic bumper part... I asked them to trim it off which they were willing to do. Fortunately the tires did not hit the pinch weld, and if so, I don't think they'll fold it for me.
    The Quigley 2" lift kinda limits the tires to be around 30" without major modifications. I wished I could go a bit bigger...I am quite happy with the KO2's.
    jcopdx ·
    Saw your post on the wheel/tire thread. Does Discount Tire do the trimming for you? Or did you do that yourself before you went in and had the tires installed? I am thinking on going with 17" version of what you have.
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