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  • fordy ·
    hello, i'm interested in your floor vent! can you send me some info? would need it very soon, in denver. thanks!
    LT.Son ·
    Hello Sir,

    Browsing through your eBay store I found a kit for installing a Dometic Penguin AC unit on a Ford Transit.

    I have a 2018 High Roof, Long wheel base, extended body Transit.
    I have already purchased a Dometic Penguin II Heat Pump. Installation Manual HERE

    Do you know if your kit will work with this model?

    My (totally clueless) assumption is that they are both designed to install onto a flat roof, so it 'should' be fine.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Les in Florida
    Hein ·
    Hello All and thank you for the visitor messages and suggestions. I don't often look here so sorry for the slow reply. Please contact either Kim or I via

    All the best,
    Expat Alaskan ·
    While ripping ragged misshapen holes in the paper-thin roof of my Transit with a step-drill, in order to run my solar wiring, I looked at the several existing holes that Ford left, only covered with what appears to be a sticker and thought "why don't I just use those?" Well, the little streamlined doohickey with the two glands at the back for the wiring won't fit in any of those places due to the uneven shape of the roof. My next thought was "I bet Hein could make an adapter for those spots to mate with the doohickey or better yet, an entire 3-D printed doohickey specific to the locations where the existing holes are." Not gonna help me, probably, but maybe the next guy can use the existing holes. I used the Renogy doohicky by the way and glued it on with Window Weld.
    orton ·
    You should consider selling the "Winglet" roof vent from GC Systems.

    I think a huge 14" Maxxair or Fantastic is overkill in a small van. Emailed GC and they say the Winglet is rain proof. If I had known that vent was available that is what I would have installed.

    Have spent some time googling for a smaller vent and have not found one that works like a Maxxair.
    Barryvan ·
    Just bought a Transit and want to utilize Thinsulate.
    To place an order for a high roof, extended long wheelbase Transit,
    How much of the thin Thinsulate and where to use it?
    How much of the thick Thinsulate and where to use it?

    Happy New Year,

    Barry Ritchey
    Albuquerque, NM
    Yurish ·
    Hi Hein,
    I'm going to install a single solar battery and found your sketch in one of posts. It's very similar to what I'm thinking about, but my panel will be little bit bigger, like close to 67x40in.
    I guess if I go this way, I will need four brackets, bolts and some 80/20 staff.
    Do you still sell brackets? If yes, how much would cost four of them?
    bna858 ·
    Hey, I'm looking to save a few you allow direct orders for your products to save the amazon/ebay commissions?

    Looking to pickup some thinsulate, the fan adapter and whatever else I can find.

    Hein ·
    Hello Loren,

    I have asked Kim to contact you.

    Her contact information can also be found at

    All the best,
    54l 49O 5O98
    Loren Pohl ·
    Hi Hein,

    I am looking for 50 linear ft of SM600L and 50 linear ft of TAI1547 to insulate at 148 High Roof Transit. Can you ship to Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Postal Code T2E 5A5. If able to ship, please forward a quote.

    Loren Pohl
    (403) 397-7424
    itybityer ·
    Hi Hein,

    I am looking to purchase 8 (4 pairs) adaptors to install the Front Runner Outfitter Roof Racks. Can you tell me how much they would cost? I own a 2015 Ford Transit 350 XLT.

    ghoff1966 ·
    good morning Hein, I am hoping to install your battery box I bought in the fall. Winter finally broke and I found the time.

    I have a cross support in the middle of where the box should go. This makes drilling the holes very tight from the inside. Have you encountered this problem. I've considered removing the cross support. What do you think?

    Thanks, Greg
    Longhornjake ·
    Hi, Hein!

    I'm looking at insulation options for our 10 seater (now 9 since we ditched the single seat), low roof passenger van as we prepare for a cross country trip this summer. I've lurked on a few threads over the past year or so, but now have about 4-5 months to get serious if it's really worth it and need some pointers.

    Tradewind500 ·
    Hello Hein, I bought the Maxair Fan adapter from you and plan to put it center rear. I plan to buy your towers. What is the maximum size of solar panel that will fit? I see from your drawing plan on the 148 that the 66" length of the 300W Solar World panels might be tight to fit. Can you advise? Thanks.
    Hein ·
    Hello Joey,

    We have this layout which uses those panels:

    The towers in your ebay link are for adding roof rails to the van.
    Then you can mount crossbars anywhere along their length.

    The rails are versatile but there are more parts required. If you
    are just mounting panels then a rack specific to the panels
    is somewhat more efficient. It you have other items (boards
    rocket box, etc.) that you need to mount then the rails will
    be more useful.

    Feel free to call or write for more information and assistance.
    Our contact info is at

    All the best,
    Impact, Inc.
    Hood River, OR
    54l-49O 5O98
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