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  • dray2009 ·
    Hey Ryan,

    I'm also in BC, but in Squamish. Question. Tough to get a variety of wall carpet and adhesives here, relative to the US. May I ask what carpet you used in your great build, where you got it, and what adhesive you used? Much thanks. Dave
    JLA ·
    Hello, My name is John, I am a new user, getting plans organized for working on my van.

    I saw one of your posts from 4/6/2016. You were working on a blue van. The interior had blue fabric panels on the walls. It looked very nice. I wonder how you attached the panels in the window recesses, and what you used for the panels. I can't see any fasteners in the pictures. Did you use glue, velcro, double stick tape?

    I looked for other posts on this project but couldn't find them. I am still learning how to navigate the forum. Thanks for any input. John Anderson
    klp ·
    Thanks for the detail on your build. I have started my own thread you may have seen already -

    I plan to soundproof, get my seats in then the floor and then use it all summer. Next phase for me is an interior build out like yours leaving as much space intact as possible. After that TV's for the kids, inverter and a basic house battery setup.

    If you have the time I would love to chat sometime.


    646 919 5111

    Can you provide a little more detail on how you mounted the panels themselves and how the track frame is mounted?
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