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  • sylie ·
    I'm wondering if you ever posted a visual on how you installed your front seats? found an old thread about you taking out the front passenger seat and replacing it with a set of 2 seats from another van. Needing the same option and need to actually see it. Thanks so much!
    TransitKos ·
    I just purchased and took delivery of three seats for my Transit Van from CrewVanMan. Ed Bowers was outstanding with his knowledge, attention to detail, and care in helping load my new seats. If any other Transit Van owners are looking for seats I highly recommending you check out what CrewVanMan has to serve your need. I am now much more educated as I do the install of my new seats. Thanks Ed. Paul KOSIERACKI, TransitKos.
    no one else ·
    Any information you can provide or post on connecting the auxiliary wiring harness for the upfitter switches would be greatly appreciated.
    utah914 ·
    Your inbox is full, so I can't PM you about the wheels. I've got a quote on shipping. PM me when you've got room in your inbox.
    psyco ·
    Hi CrewVanMan , Is there anyway you could help me further in finding a van for me ? Im new to the Fords , sold my sprinter and looking to replace it . I would prefer a used one if possible , Im looking for a high roof 3.5 cargo extended single rear wheels . Cruise control back up camera as well , Im not sure of all the options , a 250 or 350 is fine . Im going to be building it out to camp in and transport my motorcycles and bikes in . I would so appreciate any help , if you could email me at [email protected] . I would be more than happy to give you my phone number as well in email , im looking to buy now so the sooner the better . I would also consider a fly and drive , I would love to discuss this further with you with all your knowledge . I live in Florida (32708) .
    dray2009 ·

    Posted on the forum. A few said I should follow up with you. Ordered a 2018 Extended Cargo 7 weeks back. Since then zero information. Dealer said he emailed Ford four times with no reply, then this. 8 months? I'm in BC. Thx!

    "I found out that the reason it is taking so long for the 2018 Transits is just of the scheduling. Since there aren’t any scheduled to hit the dealers yet, they are going in order for drop off and orders. Right now the F-150’s, Mustangs, Expeditions and Eco Sport’s are rolling out. Also they mentioned the items ordered may be on back order since it was ordered very early in. I know it usually takes 12 weeks to get it done but with commercial ones it does vary. With that being said there has been Mustangs that took 8 months to come in before. I hope this gives you a better idea. I will keep you posted as I get the info and check in regulary."
    CrewVanMan ·
    There are a few companies that offer these type units for the transportation companies. I am not familiar with them but if you pose the question on the forum you will get answers from members who may have these units already installed. When I was in Las Vegas, I went to Gaudin Ford and they had some add-on units that fit on the roof of the Transit.

    Sorry I could no give you any specific answers for your questions, but always put those type of questions on the Transit forum and you should get a variety of answers that will give you guidance for making the best decision.

    Ed Bowers
    Furkidmama ·
    Merry Christmas!

    Do you know if anyone makes a heater and/or air conditioner that can be used without the van running. We crate our dogs in the van during competitions and it would be good to be able to heat or cool without the engine running.

    Bobster Transit Van ·
    Hey there CVM. Totally new to Transit as the MBZ diesel and order time are going south. Screw it. In Durango, CO so the local place never has anything to look at. Need to learn all about the options and buildout/options. Dimensions and specs would be nice too. suck for finding this info even after going through hoops.

    crashs ·
    Hi CrewVanMan,

    Is there any reason why a 2015 VIN can't been found via the site? Is there an alternate means of finding out what options a vehicle was built with?

    ramonF ·
    Hello CrewManVan,
    I’ve read many of your posts here. Are you still helping people find Transits? I’m looking to purchase something before the end of the year. If so, what’s the best way for me to send details about what I’m looking for? My email address if that’s an easier way to communicate: [email protected]

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.

    elhalcon ·
    CrewManVan, thank you. I met with my local dealer today and he agreed to give me a great deal, about the same as what you sent me, so I
    M good. Just need to make the final deal and I will be Transitized. elhalcon
    Furkidmama ·
    Hi. Thanks fr the call today. The cargo mat from ford doesn't really work. The shape will require a lot of trimming. During our call today you mentioned that there is a rug that is made for the 148" passenger wagon. Can you give me the part number if you know it?
    Furkidmama ·
    Hi. I have a passenger wagon with all the seats removed, and I want to install a floor cover that doesn't have holes where the Seats were. How hard is it to remove the wagon factory floor, or should I just go over it?
    maxbrew ·
    CrewVanMan, may i ask who installed the Knapheide shelving you mentioned in one of your posts? I am going to order a 2018 MR and want to put some of the folding shelving in that i saw in some youtube videos.
    mbishop22 ·
    Hi Ed,
    You helped me decide to buy my Transit earlier this year, and now my friend who did my conversion is trying to help me sell them (see the thread I just replied to). Any advice about what price is fair would be great, as well as any other places to list them.

    Thanks again (in advance),
    ford transit 4 me ·
    Hi CrewVanMan you seam to be the one with info when buying and selling transits. I am the original owner of a 2016 silver t 150 130 wb low roof xlt 3.5 eb 331 ls, grey leather, trailer tow, remote start, 4 keys. sync 3, duel batteries 110 ac alum, wheels 6,500 miles. I live in kc mo and would like to sell it. List was $44,025 Would like to get $34,000.Thanks
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