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  • Flyfish ·

    I ran across one of your posts, where you discuss a large battery pack to run A/C and heat in your transit.

    I am curious if you are still running this system and happy with it?

    I like the idea of simplifying all the systems in my conversion to just electric, despite this not being as "efficient" as other fuel. But, what it lacks in efficiency it makes up for in ease of use and consistency. Need more power, turn on the van, or plug in somewhere.

    What model of A/C and heater are you using?


    Context Below:
    For heat we use a small portable heater which if I recall correctly uses 1500/750 watts.

    My 5000 BTU/hr air conditioner uses between 500 and 600 watts when running. At night it's closer to 500 watts and past midnight it starts to cycle a lot. On average I'm confident I can stay below 500 watts for 8 hours. Particularly with good van insulation.

    Because my AC is small, I wouldn't need a huge inverter to run it. A 2000 watt unit should be plenty.
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