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  • Birddog ·
    If you have a tow package you could probably mount the antenna to the hitch bar (where the tow ball would go) and if you want to TX you can just slide the hitch into the receiver and go. I would figure out a way to run some coax to the back with a disconnect at the antenna in case you want to remove it. I've never done a mount like that but I can't see why it can't be done. The only problem with TX is your van being in the way of the signal. Of course, the best signal is on top of the van.

    I have a 2m diamond antenna that tx's right through the glass. I wish they made a DX antenna like that.
    DrJean ·
    My dog and I are going to travel the US in Mulligan, and yes I had hoped to help those who want to work all counties out... not mobile.

    I have made troughs as window sills and can put whips there, lying down ... have to go to ...? Mike's? IDK and see what antenna solution he has...and see if he will take the Eagle One antenna and coax/ground radials in exchange (brand new, still coiled with box). I have the tow package so I could have a portable antenna mounted like that I think.

    Just can't believe all the years (since 73) I helped other hams with their stations and nobody helps me, nor gives good advice yet :D

    Not high on my list. IDK if I can get house ready for market but want to have it on market before August...shooting for July 15th but this heat has slowed me down terribly! (Not a fish: can't breathe water)
    DrJean ·
    My favorite thing was contesting. Traffic handling wasn't far behind. But I skipped even FD last weekend because of the setup with the club... and being disabled I haven't had any help setting my station up. Now I'm moving into the Transit and hope to dump my Eagle 1 antenna (new in box) and buy a real mobile antenna for HF. I have a 2 mtr but never hear anyone on.

    Eons ago I was sales manager for a little radio station covering Homestead...then an account executive for a station in Springfield MO. Used to have a broadcast engineer license.

    I've forgotten more than I ever learned, I think. ;)
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