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  • asdrew ·
    Hello, I've been busy for a couple days, sorry i did not respond yet.
    Michael's comment disturbed me a bit too and it is out of character for him, he usually is a positive influence on the forum.

    I'm glad that this forum is mostly clean fun and helpful without crude comments.
    f64 ·
    I totally understand if you don't respond and it's not necessary. In fact, one of the reasons I don't get involved in social media and forums
    is that is is way too time consuming and you don't really know the people like you imagine you do.

    f64 ·
    Hi Drew,

    I feel weird asking you this and I haven't really introduced myself to anyone, yet I feel you're someone I can confide in.
    I don't know if you saw that post by Michael Ophus in the Ford Transit Service thread:Hi-Lift Jack Lift-Mate (LM-100),
    but I'm shocked that he hasn't been banned for it (reply #8) and maybe he will be, but if you find it offensive and inflammatory
    as I do, could you please click the report button? Maybe even ask other friends to do so as well. There's no room for such behavior.


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