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  • Adventure Rider ·
    the bed could be removed in a few hours. Its all bolt together.

    AC power... this could be run thru the rear door peers. I built the van with a spare 120vac breaker for a future AC, - The would take 2 hours to run the power. easy.

    Hot water - I ran a red hot water line to the kitchen sink all the way to the back of the van. There, a hot water heater can be easily added. I would put a 120 vac 5 gallon unit (power available in the van) with a small Honda EU2000i gen on a hitch haul. (power plug is there for shore power now)

    Insulation - first there is dyna matt thats drops the temp by 10 deg F ( I tested this) and makes it very very quite (100 square feet of this), then there is fiberglass, then there is aluminum bubble foil that is taped and seals the walls (no fiberglass getting out). Then there is 3/8 inch birch plywood.
    CappyJax ·

    I interested in your van. I don't really have the time to read 7 pages of your build.

    I am curious if you might have run any wires for a rear AC?

    How hard would it be to remove the bed? We want to use it for our nonprofit to transport rescued animals and will put in a smaller bed, maybe higher up.

    I see you mention hot water lines are preinstalled. Is there any heat?

    Propane tank?

    Is it insulated? If so, what type?

    I am in Show Low and would like to take a look at it next week if that works for you.


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