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Dual alternator, Lithium battery/AC setup (no generator needed)


I am installing in the Transit a Dual Alternator for $1,700 by Nationsstarteralternator (dot) com
and then will install 4,000 amp Lithium Ion batteries (Cost $4000) and a 4000 watt Pure Sine (cost $1600 approx.) inverter by upinverters (dot) com with a Coleman Mach-8 Cub 9,200 btu and some thin 100 Watt solar panels (about 4 of them).

I am trying to figure out a better (lower watt draw) A/C but am stuck as all I have dealt with is the roof tops a/c's.

1) Do you know of the best lowest watt A/C around the 7,000 to 9,200 btu?
2) EarthRoamer says they use two 7,000 watt BTU a/c's, but I am not sure what they are using. Do you know?
3) Have you found a higher watt output "Thin" Solar Panel that produces more than 100 watts.
4) Had a great conversation with a rep from upinverters (dot) com today and they said their system will run the A/c all night and with 2 hours of running the van, the batteries will be full again. Or solar with no running the van. If this (#4) is accurate, this would be the way to go as no generator would be needed for warm temps, off grid, etc.

Would you please share your thoughts on the above?

Thank you,
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