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got Robbed while working on van

Sunday night at 930pm I was working on my van conversion
in driveway of my house -
was using jigsaw to cut some wood-

I hear a strange noise and looked up and I was surrounded
by 6 men all with guns pointed at me -
they had masks on and it took me a few seconds to realize what
was happening-

They were yelling get on the ground or will shoot you MF -

I got on ground and robbers said they wanted keys to car -
I told robbers keys were in the van on a chair-
2 robbers jumped in van -

robbers said there was no keys -

Keys to van were in my pocket so I told robbers that
I was going to hand them keys -
this whole time robbers were saying going to shoot you MF-

I gave them van keys and told them to take it -

They did not want van- they wanted my Subaru -Period -

thought they were going to blow me away right then -

Wheres the keys for the Car -MF -fing shoot you

I had to think a second and realized keys were in my house
in my bed room-

I told them keys were in house and there are people and dog inside-
thought robbers might just go away -but the really wanted car-

2 robbers started to head towards front door and I told robbers
that I would get keys and give them the keys-

I said one of them could follow me inside -
I got up with hands in the air and told them again there is people
and dog inside and told the 2 times to be Quiet at front door
or things could go bad-
(people in back bedroom with door shut )

House is dark - once inside house I told robbers to be quiet again
just loud enough so dog would know its me -
dog barked one time then stopped -

with hands up with maybe All 6 robbers behind me
I walked to my room that was dark and told them Im
going to turn on pull string light -

I grabbed keys and handed to closest robber -

2 robbers took off with keys and 3 or 4 robbers
had me get on floor -
I told them to please be quiet and leave now -

Then 2 robbers started saying where's the money -
where's the money -
I had a roll of quarters on my desk and I asked if i could give it to them-
Thought they were going to blast me right then I remember cringing
waiting for bullets -

Robbers wanted more money I told them they had no more -
they looked around room some more then backed out the door way-
I could feel door closing for a few seconds and thought it may be over-

Then the door opened again and 2 robbers came back in-
where's the money where's the money -

I told them again there is no money and please be quiet -

Robbers told me to get up and follow them-
I got up and followed them out walking backwards with hands up high-

we got out into dark living room there was still 4 robbers there -
they told me to get on floor -
I heard my subaru start up and peel out of driveway-

I have several motorcycles in living room -
robbers were looking around dark room for stuff to steal -
they wanted keys to motorcycles -
I told robbers they are dirt bikes -dont have keys -
no gas in them and they wont run -

Robbers started where's the money again -
I said you have All the money-you got the car
they should leave now-

Robbers decided its time to go they backed out of room threw front
door and closed it-

I waited a few seconds and got up and locked the door -

then waited about 15 seconds to make sure they were gone then
went and told my son I just got robbed and to call the police-

son had look of disbelief -
but after a few seconds he knew I was serious- --

after a minute or so I went outside and saw one of my
neighbors walking fast in the direction I think robbers went-

He saw part of what happened - saw men- shotgun and pistols-

Robbers stole subaru -TV- Iphone - bluetooth headset and $25-

was Crazy -

Glad I kept my head and did not freak out or
I would be dead -

lasted 4 or 5 minutes total -

robbers turned phone @12.15am that night
long enough for tracking to locate phone -
15 miles away --

after doing research on Iphone security and no further
location data I sent the command to brick the phone last night-
Iphone is gone and it had many of my Van build pictures in it-

So 900+ van build pictures are gone -Ouch -

there is more to story -
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Groovy, so glad you're ok.

That is the craziest thing I ever heard.

You owe me some gratitude.

They must have read my post, that's why they didn't want the Transit!!
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Wow that is Nuts so glad you and your family are safe.
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Wow. I'm glad your family stayed in the back room and did not have to go through what you did. Nightmare. Glad you are physically OK. Mentally may take a while. What city do you live in?

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Sorry to hear the bad news. Glad you and your family are safe.

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Glad you made it out alive from this ordeal. Phones and cars can be replaced.


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Sorry to hear that. A guy is out there working hard and some f&$/?/ers want to steal like that. Glad to hear you and family were unharmed.

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Grad everything was ok. Specially the whole family and they didnt see it first hand.

I got rob b4 when I was closing a Uhaul store the big one in SF close to Candlestick Park. 3 punk black kids with mask and hand guns. Most likely they are prior employees cuz they know wheres the safe and money is handled. They were lucky I left my 9mm in my car. This happened over 10-13yrs ago.

Where you from? Cuz in my area now robbers come from other cities. Like Oakland, Richmond, and SF. Those are just punks cant handle their own they need a gun and crew. Do you have CCTV camera on your house? And well lit house. Its a big help
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What a crazy story - glad everyone is OK - will be interesting to hear the rest of it
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Glad you're okay. Hope it doesn't rattle you too much.
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