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The problem with a shower inside the van is the large amount of wasted space. You only shower at the most once per day. I shower every other day when traveling. The object is to utilize the space for other purposes when not showering.

My shower is located directly behind the drivers seat. Have high roof so I can stand up straight in the shower. Shower width is 30". When not showering the space has the shower water tank at the right bottom with the portapotti mounted on top of the tank to get the correct elevation. Directly above the portapotti is a pivoting/removable shelf. Two food storage containers sit on the bottom shelf. Above the storage containers is a second pivoting/removable shelf at sink counter height. At the top are 3 removable towel rods that are made like a toilet paper holder. A 3/4" copper tube with a fixed 3/4" wood dowel in one end and a movable dowel in the other end with a spring between the two dowels.

To use the fixed portapotti you remove the two food containers and pivot both shelves so they rest against the back wall of the shower to give access to the portapotti.

To shower you remove the 3 towel racks, the two food containers and the two shelves. The portapotti remains in the shower while showering. The shower does not have a door or a shower curtain. The right side has the SS shower water tank at the bottom with the tank top sloped to direct the water to the custom SS shower pan that is on the left. The showering procedure is different. First you lay down a towel in the aisle and kneel down in the aisle with your head over the shower pan and proceed to wash your head. Next you get inside the shower and wash the rest of the body. Use a flood nozzle instead of a spray nozzle to reduce the overspray. Not like a shower at home but you do get clean.

The heated water supply is obtained by heating the water electrically using a kit for RV's that converts a propane RV heater to electrical. Kit includes a 120 volt AC pencil cartridge heater and a thermostat. There are three sources for the power. Shore power, "shore power" from a vehicle powered inverter with engine running or power from the house inverter. With the 625 watt heating element it takes about 1/2 hour to heat the 5 gallons of water to 90 degrees. A submersible 12 volt DC cylindrical pump is used to get the water out of the tank to the shower garden hose. All the water in the tank is at the correct temperature so no hot/cold water mixing required and no plumbing.

Had this system in the sold Sprinter and about half done with the Transit installation. Will document the design when it is finished.

2015 high roof 148" WB 3.5 Ecoboost 3.31 LS rear cargo.

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