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Well heck, I lost my second job in a year, so I finally have a little time to put a build thread together.

The objective is a versatile van that can take the family camping, and maybe haul some building materials. Oh and it also has to be my daily driver.

I had been drooling over the Transits for some time, so I bought this 148" mid roof cargo van off the dealer lot when I needed a bigger truck for my cabinet business. A few months later I closed the shop, and selling it was looking like a $8-10,000 loss. It's a little big for getting around town, but I need a truck regardless of my job so it might as well be this.

I'll admit, the build is a little disorganized. I have a tendency to do a bunch of hasty work to prepare for a trip, and then have to undo some of the work to do the stuff I should have done FIRST. Like insulation and such...

So here's where I started, with a raised bed and cabinet for the water tank. I later added some cables from the ceiling to support the center of the bed.

Here's the bed folded up:

Here's the 10-Gal propane tank I mounted under the driver side floor:

This was a serious pucker moment: cutting the 14" hole in the roof for the MaxxAir Fan. I measured it 5 or 6 times. The fan cuts in on my headroom quite a bit, kind of wish I installed it in the rear and moved the solar panel forward.

Speaking of solar, this is a 190-watt panel I found on CL. Made these custom mounts for it with some 80/20 crossbars. Gotta love the roof mount points that are built into the van!

Installed this seat from a Sprinter for the monkeys.

The galley setup. The cooktop detaches from the cabinet and will be able to hang off the side of the cabinet, as we prefer to cook outside. The fridge is a basic mini fridge, it runs off the inverter; not the most efficient solution but until I can scrape together the $700 for a 12v fridge, this will have to do.

Battery switch, voltmeter. All the electrical stuff is in the wall cavities to save space. The house battery can connect to the 60A from the driver seat pedestal via the switch for charging while driving. Typically the solar keeps up with demand as long as the sun is shining.

The Tracer MPPT charger controller, this pic was before the switch was mounted to the interior panel:

Display for the charge controller:

Xantrex 1000w inverter:

Reflectix insulation glued with spray adhesive. I know it doesn't have much insulation value when applied directly to the sheetmetal, but it does help more than you'd think, and I wasn't willing to give up 1 1/2" of headroom for more insulation.

And then the gray Home Cheapo carpet spray glued on top. Adds a surprising amount of reflective acoustic insulation.

Galley with flip-up countertop. Room under the sink for the porta-potty.

The Guerovan: 2015 T250 cargo, 148" WB, Medium Roof, 3.7L V6
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