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Talking Neighborhood Banning My Transit 350 HD!

To my surprise I received a letter from my Home Owners Association (HOA) regarding my Transit 350 HD being too tall and too long, thus violating the association C.C.R's. The association rules state that no vehicle can exceed 7 feet in height and 18 feet in length and be parked in the neighborhood. (On the street or in a driveway unless you are a temporary vendor)

This all started with my neighbor complained about my Transit van and alerting the HOA of the rules violation. The HOA letter states that there will be a HOA hearing next month to deliberate on my violation and to allow me to plead my case.

So, if anyone lives in a community that is a 'Site Condo' and has association rules, including neighbors who just love to complain and make everyone's life miserable, be aware of such rules prior to purchasing your Ford Transit Van. Especially if your Transit is one of the larger models. (Alternative is find a more hospitable community... LOL...)

Wish me luck and pray that the HOA committee likes Transit vans.

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