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Morey... we took delivery of our van in April.

Paul vP... The pitch given by Dale at Newberg Ford was that QuadVan uses Ford parts. Talking with John at QuadVan told me that he builds his 4WD systems utilizing F-150/Raptor parts. Something to that effect. So there was no mismatching Ford and GM components underneath.


I met with Sheriff's dept. this morning as they called me about my van.... Finally got it towed to the Ford dealership. A little backstory, they have been forecasting a major winter storm (1-3 feet) in our area. When I got to my van this morning I could smell burnt components from the transfer case area.

While meeting up with the van, my wife got Dale Sykes from Newberg Ford (the dealer that sold us the van and on the QuadVan conversion) on the phone. She told him what was going on and just like last time he expressed extreme reluctance. We explained how our local dealership won't even bother to look at our van for an oil change because of the Quadvan conversion and that he shouldn't be selling these things to people under the guise that its all good and you can have it serviced at your local dealership. Our local dealer does not want anything to do with it. She finally talked him into calling the dealership here in Idaho to explain that the nature of the Newberg Ford/Quadvan relationship. Dale called our dealer and then called us back. He said "you're right, they are reluctant." He finally got our dealer to agree to look at it and told him that John McKee at Quadvan will be in touch with them and that it will be covered under his warranty.

At this point I don't know what is going to happen with our van as far as getting it repaired. The irony in all of this is that my wife and I were headed to Portland, Oregon to visit family for Christmas next week. Which is unfortunate because I could have had John look at the issue.

When i concluded my last drive line/angle issue this summer with John McKee at QuadVan I thanked him and he asked if I wouldn't mind writing up about my experience in this forum as he knows that this is a small community and that a lot of his business is word of mouth on these forums. So this is why I need to let the community know.

I would urge that if you have a quad van conversion and or have bought from Newberg Ford or are considering, I would contact Dale Sykes at Newberg Ford or John McKee at Quadvan, let them know you are reading this and want to be assured that your investments are covered and backed up no matter where you live.

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