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Considering a QuadVan conversion? Read this first. Have one already? Read anyway.

The last time I posted in here was to sing the praise of John McKee's work at Quadvan. am not rescinding that, but I am cautious about the future.

We drove to an hur away to a little ski hill here in Idaho to meet up with some friends for the day. The drive is relatively flat and not too serious. The pavement was dry on the highway. We hit the snow and popped it in 4 high with no problem. Made it to the skin area, spent day with our friends and then headed home.

On the drive home the highway was covered as a storm was hitting us. We kept in 4 high and proceeded to drive about 45-50 mph. about 20 minutes into our drive we start getting some pretty loud knocking and vibrations from the transfer case below our feet. We stopped to take a look but couldn't see anything as it was dumping and dark. We pushed on a little bit further until it became so bad we thought we might do serious damage. We pulled off and the drive shaft forward of the transfer case was smoking. We called AAA and they said they would send a truck to tow us. We waited for 90 minutes until AAA said we are not sending a truck out to get you because this storm is too bad. During that time I sent John McKee of QuadVan a text and informed him of the situation and let him know he would be hearing from me and the shop the van ends up at. In the meantime, my wife and I had to abandon our vehicle and hitch hike a ride home in rural Idaho in the dark.

I'm kind of at a loss as to what next? Our confidence has been eroded based on our experience so far. It is disheartening to spend $50K on a vehicle that has let us down a second time in under less then a year. I am not a mechanic and never claimed to be but this not right.

In our last experience, Dale Sykes from Newberg Ford didn't want anything to do with our van and told us its a QuadVan issue. However in the process of selling us this van, it was all "No problems" and "you'll be supported". John McKee is busy at QuadVan that he doesn't want to keep working on these issues. As far as we can tell, unless you live 60 miles from QuadVan I would urge you to really consider before doing a conversion. I'm not saying don't do it, just really think it through.

To other members, I ask: What would you do given our history,(see my profile for previous posts) and given our situation?


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