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It's a rainy northern California day today so I decided to nose the van into the garage and get after that second alternator addition. I bought the kit so I could charge while driving without messing with any of the Ford electrical system. I'm gonna leave it at that since there seems to be a lot of confusion about this subject. Here's a link to the kit I bought. http://www.nationsstarteralternator....0072-280xp.htm

This is my second build of this van so I'm really trying hard to turn over every stone before I do something I might regret later. The alternator is kind of a big thing to get installed and not really necessary for me so if there's any potential problems I just won't install it.

So, anyway, I'm sitting there looking at the parts and the first thing I notice is that there's no CARB exemption sticker on it. California Vehicle code includes a law that we know as the anti-tamper law. Basically, it say's you can't sell any aftermarket product that may effect vehicle emissions without first getting and exemption. Knowing that the first part of a California SMOG Test is to visually inspect the vehicle for modification I can almost guarantee that no one will pass it if that sticker isn't on it.

I've put the install on hold and I've emailed the manufacturer for clarification. There's only one answer that I can accept and that's the exemption number and I'll only accept that if I can verify it in the CARB Exemption database.

While I wait for that, I'll go ahead and move the Air Lift air pump and wireless controller to the empty battery hole under the drivers seat and wire it into one of the customer accessory points. Out of sight, out of mind and most importantly.... high and dry when I launch my boat.
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