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Originally Posted by JAD View Post
I see AWD as possible, but far in the future if ever, but not true 4 WD. I think Ford and Quigley have a deal that Ford will not step on Quigley's business.
Another reason, I think, is the roof height. The medium and high roof vans will never be true 4 wheelers. They are just too big and tall and Ford would have to redesign to fit a larger all-terrain tire. I don't see that happening.
Exactly. The demand for a full size van that is TRUE offroad capable is miniscule. Most that desire such a thing just want it for the novelty, not because they think it would be great to take a large van 4-wheeling. That's what UTVs and Jeeps are for. The desire for a full size van that can drive on icy roads and muddy or sandy backroads is pretty high, though. High enough demand that Ford will eventually offer some kind of AWD in the Transit.

As the Transit is mainly a fleet vehicle, with a moderate amount of personal ownership, we might not see AWD very soon. Professional drivers don't need AWD much because they stick to the paved and maintained roads.
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