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Originally Posted by skiroc View Post
Now that the 2017 is on the street, any crystal balls on the 2018?

I currently have a Toyota Tundra 4x4 with an FWC camper, so I am good to go for now. But as I am within a couple years of retirement and will be spending much more time on the road, I like the form factor of the new vans. When I started my research several months ago I immediately went to the Sprinter forums because that’s what I see everywhere. But it only took me a few weeks of reading to realize that people must be blinded by the Mercedes cache, and are willing to put up with the many shortcomings.

This has led me to the Ford Transit. I am ready to buy and start a camper conversion, but there is one thing I would wait for if it was coming in 2018, that is 4 x 4. I spend a lot of time in Death Valley. I know that 4 x 4 in one of these high vans will never be like 4 x 4 on my Tundra, and I will not be able to go on some of the roads I go now, but 4 x 4 could get me out of trouble on even a non 4 x 4 dirt road.

Anyone have real knowledge or this, or know approximately when we will know about the 2018 line-up?

Also, I have seen this pic on-line as a 2018. What is that over the front windshield? More glass, a custom paint job, or some real change in 2018?
I've seen that rendering before, I think it came from a vendor or conversion company.

Edit: Quote from trucktrend -- "The Galpin Auto Sports-tuned Transit Skyliner appeared earlier this year at April’s New York Auto Show. Underneath the subtle paint and exterior mods, it features a gorgeous interior with four supple captain’s chairs, full wood flooring, and an extensive infotainment array. Designed for executive travel, it looks perfect for the job."

So I think that is just paint similar to the Waldoch offering for SEMA 2014.

We will probably see a 8 or 9 speed transmission and small aero tweaks/weight reduction to meet CAFE for the 150s which will translate to the bigger guys. I doubt much more until about 2023-2025.

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