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Update -They are still waiting for the replacement torque converter and now are going to replace some internal wiring in the transmission. I phone the dealership once a week for an updates since no one ever calls me. Did I mention I left messages for two days with the service department and even sent a text to the service departments cell phone. Also after complaining on tweeter a little over a week ago the Customer relations people called me within a hour and said they would give me an update in a week..still no word from them, should I be surprised? Finally after waiting on hold for 30 minutes I got an answer today that nothing has happened since last week. Ford just doesn't get customer service or urgency. This isn't some car that I use for my commute, It my lively hood and I need the van to make a living. The 2016 F-150 loaner is useless to me. I have to use my own F-150(because it has a trailer hitch and the rental they gave me dose not) to pull an enclosed trailer with all my tools in to try and take care of business. Then rental they gave me sits in my shop while I put mileage on my own vehicle because no one at ford cares.Instead of having all my tools organised in the my nice big van I stuck tripping over them in a trailer. This van was going to be the first of many for my growing business. We went with ford over Mercedes because we don't like the rust we see on the sprinters and all our other vehicles are ford. I personally own 3-Freestars,2015 F-150 Platinum, 2015 Escape titanium, 2015 Transit T250 High Roof Diesel. My father has a Navigator. I upgrade my pick up every two to three years and have been a very good ford customer. You think they would try and return the favour. Not to mention I have switch countless friends over to ford. Now my friends are all asking me if it was the right manufacture to recommend and honestly I don't think so any more.
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