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Hey Guys, Thanks for your response. Sorry for not getting back sooner. I'd would of expected to get a email if the I had gotten a response to my original posting.

The van always had a shutter and slippage between gears. It would always shutter if you just gave it a little more gas on the HWY. It would shutter before picking up speed or making a shift. After numerous times at for they claimed this "Torque converter shutter is normal for this type of vehicle". Then the vehicle would stop down shifting after I got off the hwy. It would stay stuck in four gear and would stay there until I turned the vehicle on and off again. Ford replaced they Transmission control module and that seemed to correct that issue. Currently the van is on its four transmission control module. After that I lived with the shutter and slipping of the transmission because I actually need this van for my business. Unfortunately the slipping got so bad that the vehicle wouldn't move after about 10 minutes of driving. If I pulled over and let it cool off I could go a few more minutes before it slipped again. Ford then rebuilt the entire transmission, they said they found the problem. It was some sort of transmission cooler/heat exchanger that was allowing engine coolant into to the transmission and contaminating all the plates and clutches. After the rebuilt the transmission worked flawless for about 15,000km. Even the shutter was gone and fast smooth shifts. Kinda funny how Ford claimed that the shutter they couldn't get rid of before which they claimed was normal to that vehicle disappeared after the rebuild. But once again the problems came back. So the poor shifts and shudder are always there but the slipping out of gear usually starts after 45 mins to 60 mins of run time.

It blows my mind how Ford could careless about making this right and fixing my van in a timely matter. It's been a year and still no fix. The van sits at the dealership waiting for repairs for months at a time. They even had to machine the brakes because they all seized up from it sitting so long. I don't want to sell this problem to someone else but it may be time to go back to the sprinters.
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