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2015 T250 Transmission problems since new.

Since last June Ford has been troubleshooting transmission problems with my 2015 Transit T250 with the Diesel engine. The Van was purchased for my business with plans of purchasing 3-4 more. This van has spent most of the last year in the dealership waiting for Ford Engineering to instruct the dealer on what repairs to try. They will have the van three weeks and we will pick it up. Then have it towed back in the same day.

They have replaced the Transmission Control Module three times. Rebuilt the entire transmission once and that was the only think that worked short term. Now after 6 weeks sitting at the dealership they say they are going to replace the torque converter. They have recently for testing added some external wiring jumpers externally to the wiring harness.

I have purchased fords for years and they have always been flawless. Currently 3-2015 alone plus a bunch of Freestars for service vans. But this van is tarnishing my view of the quality products I thought ford produces.Nobody gives a **** and it takes months for them to fix the problem. When I do engage customer service. (Which can only be done through twitter btw) They tell me yup we are working on it and we provide you with an update in a week or so. Which blows my mind. A week your going to call me back in a week to tell me they are still working on it. Just crazy how nobody cares.

It's to the point that I may have to get a lawyer involved. I tried being the nice guy for almost a year and it has got me nowhere. The van was purchased and operates in Ontario Canada and we don't have any lemon laws here. There is some organizations that help fight for owners but they don't cover any vehicle used for business.

I just want Ford to fix the problem or buy back/trade back the vehicle. The won't talk or entertain any ideas besides actually fixing the vehicle. It getting extremely frustrating.
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