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I would have greatly preferred the mid-roof and shorter wheelbase for normal day-to-day. I think the mid-roof looks a lot better from the outside, also would have liked the slightly reduced wind load. (It has been stupidly windy this past month, every time we have 30G40 MPH winds I keep thinking about the 400 mile maiden voyage home from the dealer next month...!) I also prefer shorter vehicles for normal daily operations - getting into parking lots, maneuvering in tight areas.

But my needs dictated otherwise.

I too could stand just fine in the mid-roof, I could just feel my hair brushing against the roof ribs. I figured if I put in a finished ceiling - especially if I also did a thicker floor - I'd be touching but not bad and I probably wouldn't be standing much anyway. However it gets stinking hot and humid here in midsummer, if I want to go to the lake then I'm likely going to want the RV AC before long and I didn't want to whack my head on the inside console every time I walked past!

I also stood inside both a mid- and high-roof and was really struck by how much ROOMIER the high-roof felt, even though they were the same length / width.

The length was dictated by my kayaks. I wanted to be able to put at least a couple of my yaks inside without laying across the passenger seat. My most-used yak *just* fits in the 148" WB. The EL version would have made it a piece of cake to fit most of my others but I *really* disliked that overhang! At least the 148" will fit in a normal parking space.

I'm not too uncomfortable with the wheelbase, my work trucks have been E150s (138") and a long-bed F150 (141") and I've gotten around with them just fine. However, the stand-out favorite is my current one - a Nissan NV200. Tiny little thing but plenty of space for my work needs. I can squeeze into remarkably tight areas I'd never even attempt with the others. Just doesn't have the space I want for my personal activities - and definitely not tall enough to stand it!

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