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Originally Posted by Hein View Post
We are considering purchasing a 130" wheelbase Transit medium roof for an R&D build setup for use as a weekend sports wagon.

Thoughts? Pros and Cons of the shorter wheel base. We aren't tall folks so just enough head room for us
We got the 130 for similar reasons. I find it has ample space for a potty based queen bed and galley conversion for two.

We just loaded it up today for our five thousand mile, one month trip from Mesa to Ottawa, via Vancouver Island! In addition to our normal touring pack, we are also hauling snowbird stuff like quilting machine, Keyboard, stand, amp, and chair, espresso machine, all my power tools, hand tools, hardware, the mountain bike, gifts for the grand-kids.

The point is, it all fits into the 130 and it still functions as a camper.

I will post some pics tonight on my T-Pod 130 Thread.

Oh, and regardless of how easy the 148" might be to park and maneuver, the 130" is just that much easier.

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