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Transit Diesel Nightmare

Hello and thanks in advance for the help. 2015 Transit 250 diesel, no problems until 12k miles. Intermittent lack of power with a check engine light appearing several miles later. Brought to dealer, they replicated the issue, but were reluctant to diagnose it right away. They cleared the codes and told me to drive it until it happened again. Light was back on in 10 miles. Brought back to dealer and told them to take their time as we were going on vacation for a week. They called me to say it needs a def pump and tank, and that they checked the def fluid and it passed. All under warranty of course. THEN, they call back and tell me they found diesel fuel in the def tank. NOT under warranty anymore. At this point I am spitting nails. $2500 they said. I have personally filled the def tank once, thousands of miles ago. No one else drives the van. NOBODY. Of course they assure me it wasn't their doing. My only option now is figure out where I purchased the def and investigate its purity. Not only worried about the $2500 now, but what about down the road when something else happens that could be tied to this, and it also won't be warrantied. Super frustrated and looking for advice.
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