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here is some pictures of install -
Photobucket site is getting so Glitchy that its almost useless -
what is another GOOD photo hosting site??

I Used Safety Wire but any wire that you can coil easily at end will work- (copper_
below wire with strips of water pipe insulation to stop rattling- push thru foam-

Formed wire Loop around a hose clamp to get correct size-
make sure to Center PULL of wire straight UP -flimsy lock mechanism -
also Make SURE wire does not Pull mechanism to far -will likely break it -

Tab where you want to hook wire to is just in front of blue dot in picture-

Wire in place with Straight UP pull -

I used a CAN CLIP from Home depot paint department -$2 -
Drilled tiny hole in end of clip but may have been better to put hole
thru clamp closer to Pivot of clamp -wire Only has to be pulled a few MM to
trip lock mechanism if wire as No slack -and wire is straight

I put extra magnets because it was to cold for glue to dry properly and quickly -

Also put some glue to hold wire Loop in place where Zip tie is in other picture
to Hold wire loop in place for sure once you have tested your setup-

(oops picture with zip tie did not upload its on tab where wire loop is placed)

Can clip + magnets -- whole thing could be Glued in place without extra magnets-
I bent metal tab on end of can clip so it contacts metal of van door-

Photobucket is Glitching out so no more picts - but you get general idea --



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